Frederic Thomas

Our Mission

Publishing children's books that are both fun and educational is important to us. It's our way of helping promote family interaction and teaching moral values, while delighting kids and pleasing parents.

Our ambition is to assist clients in meeting and exceeding their marketing goals by connecting them with kids and young families. To achieve this, we invest the time necessary to gain a rich understanding of each business, market and customer base.

We strive to have 100 percent of our products manufactured in the United States of America to support the businesses and the workforce of our country. We want to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Frederic Thomas USA.

About Frederic Thomas USA

Whether we are publishing books for clients, or for our own trade distribution, we focus on creating products that delight kids and please parents. In order to do this, we begin with well-researched ideas of what kids like and what parents want. We then conduct extensive quantitative testing with both children and parents in an appropriate demographic. This time-tested process allows us to launch a product with a high level of confidence.

In recent decades, our nation has seen many manufacturing and production jobs move to China and other countries. "Made in America" is an important part of our corporate mission, and we have been working diligently to attain 100 percent production in the United States. With technologically advanced equipment, efficient processes and new innovative ideas, Frederic Thomas USA is extremely close to accomplishing this goal.

In addition to providing outstanding service to our customers, we are also committed to making a positive impact on our world by publishing books that are fun, stimulating and inspiring to kids. Equally important is ensuring each book subtly teaches positive life lessons and sound moral values. Our research has shown this is what parents want, as well.

Ideally, a child's first and most influential teachers should be his or her parents. As a family-run company, Frederic Thomas USA values and encourages parental involvement with children. That's why we promote family interaction with all of our products and everything we do.

Meet the Frederic Thomas Team

Fred Reimer President
Fred Reimer
CEO and Publisher
Todd Reimer V.P. of Operations
Todd Reimer
President Reimer Electronics and V. P. Operations Frederic Thomas USA
Brian Michalowski V.P. Sales & Marketing
Brian Michalowski
President Frederic Thomas USA
Mary McAveney Marketing Consultant
Mary McAveney
Marketing Consultant
Jessica Belyea Manager of Accounting & Administration
Jessica Belyea
Director of Finance & Administration
Paula Fesik New Business Development
Paula Fesik
Business Development Manager